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  • Be found on YouTubeOpen or Close

    Videos get the most amount of exposure by making it to the Youtube homepage. Although it would help, you don’t need to hit the home page to get your million views.

    To do this you are looking at a step-by-step processes of marketing efforts put into Youtube. This can be stretched out however depending on how you are trying to make it to the homepage (top favorites, top views, top comments etc.).

    Newer videos create the best impact
    There is a freshness factor to your videos and it is much more difficult to get videos honors and movement within the search algorithm if the video is old. You would be better off removing that video and re-submitting it if you are looking to produce honors in a given field and to have a chance at hitting the home page with greater ease.

    Build trust
    A factor to take into consideration when submitting a video is going to be your profile authority. How many friends does this profile have, how many subscribers and how many channel views. The reason this is important is to get more initial exposure and more views using a power profile will help you out greatly. Submitting a video on a blank account with no friends or subscribers may raise some suspicion over at the Youtube headquarters. Make your profiles look natural and build them out.

    Role of Views, Ratings, Favorites and Comments
    Youtube has honors for each type of action that can be taken on a video. Honors for comments, favorites, ratings and views. As a marketer if you focus on anyone of these and get a substantial number of votes, favorites, ratings or views in a day you will see honors pretty quickly. Remember the category you submit to and the type of channel you created has a lot to do with your success with getting honors.

  • Ingredients for successful YouTube campaignOpen or Close

    There are going to be a lot of tools Youtube has created for marketing your video. Here are some of the ideas to follow to reach targeted goals on Youtube:

    1Spend a Little to Get A Lot
    Buying ads within YouTube will help boost your views without a doubt. YouTube sells pay-per-click ad space for your clip at about .50 per click. You’ll likely not find a better deal than this!

    Your clip will be seen as a “promoted video” on YouTube or on a Google search. Your video will pop up when key words associated with your video are searched which is a fantastic way to find new viewers interested in your topic. Pay-per-click is also an incredibly savvy marketing technique as a maximum budget is set by you and you only pay when your video is actually played, though many more viewers will gain visual recognition of your content.

    2Have Realistic Expectations
    Becoming the next YouTube sensation is an incredibly difficult thing to do! It’s near impossible to say how or even why in some cases that a video will go viral. Having the expectation that your clip will likely not be the next “Charlie bit my Finger” or “Danny after dentist” is an important start to boosting your clips’ views. On average, 48 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube each minute over every day. Hope is not lost; there are ways to have your video watched!

    3Do Your Research
    One of the best aspects of marketing with YouTube is the very essence of what makes YouTube such a sensation. Competition is transparent and you have the ability to update and “one-up” as frequently as you’d like! Spending a designated amount of time on YouTube checking out what others with like-keywords are uploading as well as perusing other videos to learn new techniques worth…emulating. Spending time looking at what people are viewing and what people want to see can be a priceless key to unlocking successful YouTube marketing.

    4Find Your Audience
    As with any marketing campaign, identifying and knowing your audience is absolutely vital for success. On the other hand the key to YouTube sensationalism is to avoid traditional advertising techniques. Okay, what? There could be literally millions of video clips in the similar field as your own and only those truly unique and eye-catching will capture any views. The more creative the better these days!

    Also, remember that YouTube and Google are based completely upon free will. Viewers are searching these sites for specific information and choose based on any number of personal preferences to select a video to watch. This means properly addressing your clip and attaching appropriate key words will ensure the right searcher will find your clip.

    5Listen to the Feedback
    Here is where coming back to traditional marketing techniques is important. Tracking feedback both positive and negative will help develop later videos so that eventually down the road you may create the ultimate video masterpiece. Okay, maybe not a masterpiece but by utilizing user comments you’ll be able to tweak your work to be directed more accurately to your audiences needs and wants.

  • Measure YouTube performanceOpen or Close

    YouTube offers a fantastic tool known as Hot Spots that reports when viewers are tuning
    in and out of your clip. You may also want to try having two of your videos taking different
    approaches to go head to head against each other and letting viewer feedback decide which
    is the better and most effective clip to officially post. Google also offers a service known as
    Google Analytics, which will reveal the source of your viewers. The more YouTube viewers
    the better as these are typically the viewers with the most longevity.

    By creating content that resonates with your audience, building up a branded channel and
    using bulletins and ads, you can greatly increase the return on your investment in creating
    online videos. However, this is just the start of increasing your online visibility through
    Youtube marketing.