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Address all decision factors in order to leverage the most from your web analytics and optimize your overall ROI.

Improve user experience and reduce abandonment rate.

Find out about your valuable visitors

  • Are they entering from Google, social media, or a blog?
  • Analyze seasonal behaviours
  • Are your visitors doing an action that help to meet your goals?
  • Ask your customers what they did and didn’t like

Understanding and Analysis through advanced segmentation.

Use insightful reports, not speedometers

  • Understand your customers with advanced segmentations
  • Receive weekly and monthly custom reports measuring KPIs
  • Keep a close eye on your ROI
  • Receive recommendations from analysis insights

Tools can be great to use but they are not the best source for help. Our non-robotic team provides friendly and professional support before you even make your purchase. We will guide you, support you, browse with you and provide a shoulder to cry on from the beginning, middle, end, and all the in-betweens.

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Measure business goals with KPIs

  • Scale your website objectives
  • Use KPIs to monitor whether or not objectives are being met
  • Vitizo will set up goals within your analytics account

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Questions You May Have in Mind

  • What is a KPI?Open or Close

    A key performance indicator (KPI) measures a business objective, e.g. lead generation, sales, with the application of analytics.

  • What makes great KPIs?Open or Close

    There needs to be more than only person in the company who understands the KPIs. Comprehensive KPIs must be used by all the relevant departments in the company including C-level, marketing, web developers, social media managers, and of course, analytics.
    Falsely labeling metrics as KPIs will confuse you. Choose KPIs unique to your business.

    3Instantly useful:
    If KPIs are not evolving, then your performance is poor on web analytics. As planned and unplanned evolution occurs with time, KPIs will have to evolve.

    Looking at reports from last quarter will not necessarily help you this quarter. They do not leverage actionable insight. KPI analysis must occur within small time frames in order to take action to current challenges.

    Ninja KPI Consultation

    As each business is unique no matter which vertical they are in, KPIs are unique too. Vitizo web analysts offer consultation to businesses in creating KPIs that will help leverage web performance.

  • Why use Advanced SegmentationOpen or Close

    Segmenting web analytics data protects you from falling into a large pit of data overload. Segmenting data provides instant access to relevant data thus providing greater opportunities of finding actionable insight and leverage performance.

  • Web Data AnalysisOpen or Close

    With an abundance of data being collected, beware of data overload. Only Ninjas have the key to open the door to valuable web data analysis. Amateurs will dump tonnes of data onto their clients. Without valuable data analysis of your web analytics, it is easy to get distracted by the garbage and face difficulty finding critical data to leverage performance.

    Vitizo’s Web Analytics Ninjas are powered to conduct web data analysis that will measure your opportunities, find actionable insight and protections for positive performance. You can contact Vitizo today to schedule an initial consultation.

  • What are the different methods of Qualitative Research?Open or Close

    Web data analysis is great at telling you “the what” but it cannot tell you “the why”. Qualitative research gives voice to your customers to tell you why something is working or not.

    A common method to collect qualitative data is to conduct surveys: page level surveys and site level surveys. Nonintrusive cookies will record unique vs returning site visitors to avoid irritating returning visitors with the same surveys.

    2 Types of Surveys

    Site level surveys:
    Visitors get invitations for survey participations once they land on any webpage on your website. The purpose of site level surveys is to collect overall customer experience on your website.

    Page level surveys:
    Visitors get invitations for survey participations when they land on a particular webpage on your website. The purpose of page level surveys is to collect feedback on a particular landing page. E.g. you may want to know if visitors found information they were looking for when reading a particular blog post.

    Vitizo’s Ninjas will help you find the right set of survey methods that measure your business objectives. Give your customer a voice to tell you where to prioritize.

  • Experimentation and TestingOpen or Close

    Although you may want visitors to enter the website through the homepage, in reality search engines decide what will be the landing page for your visitors based on searcher’s intent. Therefore it is very important to conduct regular experimentation and testing of landing pages to find opportunities to optimize visitor conversions. AB split testing and multi-variate testing empower your company to uncover data driven outcomes rather than conducting guesswork. Conversion optimization can only mean positive growth.

  • How to collect Competitive IntelligenceOpen or Close

    It is very difficult to understand where your business stands without knowing where your competitors stand. Vitizo’s Ninjas can conduct competitive intelligence analysis using all available and relevant methodologies for you to undersand your competitor performance.

    There are 8 methods to collect data

    1 Toolbar Data

    2 Panel (ISP) Data

    3 Search Engine Data

    4 Self-reported Data

    5 Hybrid Data

    6 Surveys

    7 Special Cases

    8 Web Data Analytics

  • Multi Channel AnalyticsOpen or Close

    Sales do not occur in the vacuum of online or offline. Sales intercept at both points of online and offline because people live in both channels. Are you properly measuring the synchronisation of your online and offline sales? Book an appointment now with Vitizo Web Analytics Ninjas to discuss measuring your multi channel analytics to capture all opportunities of sale.

2 Tips from Vitizo Ninjas

Traffic Portfolio:
Keep a balanced traffic portfolio. A good benchmark for search engine traffic is 50%. If more than 50% of your traffic is coming from search engines, you may risk loosing traffic overnight due to external changes, e.g. change in algorithms or competitor optimizations.

Keyword Phrases:
There are two categories of keywords: branded keywords vs non branded keywords. Be aware of your keyword ranking and trends.