Vitizo’s Story

Chapter 1 – The Birth of an Idea

fuad miah, co-founder

Fuad Miah, Co-founder & VP of Product Development

The story begins with Fuad Miah.

After his undergraduate years, Fuad spent four years practicing Canadian immigration law. With minimal capital and a market full of wealthy immigration consultants, Fuad focused marketing efforts online instead of expensive offline channels. Within those years, he learned about advertising platforms, search engine algorithms, and measurement tools.

Fuad also picked up a second career within the IT sector and worked for companies like IBM, Accenture, and HP. Fuad became even more attracted to IT business solutions.

ahasan kabir

Ahasan Kabir, VP of Architecture

Fuad often shared ideas with former schoolmate, Ahasan Kabir.

Ahasan spent evenings and weekends researching and testing latest IT solutions to business challenges. With work experiences at Protus and CompuCom, Ahasan was eager to help Fuad explore business solutions. Understanding the power of the solutions Fuad had learned, Ahasan encouraged Fuad to establish a B2B company.

It was the start of a vision to integrate intelligent business solutions so Canadian SME can aggressively compete in the market against big brands while maintaining budget controls.

Chapter 2 – Evolving into a Business

lubabah, ceo

Lubabah Bakht, C.E.O

It was time for a leader to step in.

After finishing her undergraduate and going on an exhilarating backpacking and volunteering trip across East Africa, Lubabah Bakht offered to help establish the company and drive sales.

With her take-no-defeat attitude, Vitizo was soon established and receiving clients. During her Carleton days, Lubabah witnessed the works of Fuad and Ahasan. She was empowered by the value of the IT market’s new tools and the power of data democratization.

Chapter 3 – Expanding Internationally

ribo alam, social media

Arfaqul Ribo Alam, Social Media & Online PR Strategist

A great way for a company to grow is to move into other markets.

During his Ryerson University days as an Electrical Engineering student, Ribo Alam was active within numerous student associations in southern Ontario. Ribo’s passion, commitment made him the perfect candidate to be trained as Vitizo’s social media ninja.

With a good network of corporate executives, NGOs and NPOs in Bangladesh, Ribo travelled and temporarily there and began to educate his network about the possibilities at hand. Ribo is also a business graduate from Everest College.