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Add ICT & Online Marketing to Your Business Plan

Living in the Information Era, buyers now want convenience and demand information in real-time, not weeks or months. Surprisingly, demand from the businesses decision maker have not equally risen. Decision makers are slow to apply the range of enabling current technologies. They lack knowledge about the value and competitive advantage that emanate from the integration of technology into business strategy.

With lack of traditional infrastructure used to facilitate trade, entrepreneurs in developing countries are leading the way by harnessing data democratization for marketing and using Internet Communication Technologies (ICT) to bypass infrastructure, economical, and political challenges to launch their business in minutes and capture their share in the global market.

Marketing Paradigm Shift

data overload

Don’t get flooded by data overload.

In the past, only the biggest and richest corporations could afford to utilize such technologies whereas now, data democratization, ICT and Web 2.0 have enabled all companies to innovate.

There is also an explosion of information and immense overload of data. Without experts working for your business success, decision makers will become lost in the mountains of uber data and there will be minimal progressive actions taken for marketing success.

Businesses need to change their mental model of IT infrastructure within their business and allocate resources to getting certified professionals to audit their marketing and business environments for projected business success.

Traditional Marketing vs Online Marketing

Comparing Marketing Impact
Traditional marketing inhibits advertising impact whereas online marketing permits greater marketing impact with higher frequency and greater reach to target customers.

Traditional advertising cannot target relevant audiences: it is expensive and requires more investment of time for product promotion. It offers limited reach and limited exposure, i.e. per issue, per newspaper. Most importantly, there is no effective way to track return on marketing investments.

Print newspaper readers are not interested in over 60% of newspaper ads they see.

Targeted Marketing
Avoid data overload. Internet marketing gives ability to reach present buyers and potential beyond physical barriers. Targeted marketing is often more effective because ads appear when buyers make plans to purchase a specific product or service. These people are more welcome to being targeted to see ads tailored to their needs.

Cost Effective Solution
Online marketing is also economical and it is a quick way to promote products. It provides cost effective global promotion. It offers 24/7 advertising of your product or service. Most importantly, online marketing provides very effective ways to track ROI.

Voice of the Customer

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Marketing strategies and tactics in the Information Era are almost entirely permeated by Internet-based technologies such as web communications, websites, databases and web analytics tools. The Internet, now coined as Web 2.0, is completely interactive. Web 2.0 allows two-way communication between the business brand and its customers which allows and gives value to the voice of the customer.

In this new competitive environment, it is important to learn about your customer experience, as well as the wider macro environment analyses such as SWOT and PEST.

User Friendly to Buyers

Consider the last ad you saw on a newspaper or billboard. How much could you learn about the business or product within the limited space? Not much at all. A website with good Information Architecture (IA) and usability-centric design (UCD) will be able to present customers and potential buyers with everything they need to know about your business, from your mission statement, contact information and a map for directions to your brick-and-mortar.

Welcome Innovation

Innovation does not only happen in your creative department. Innovation can happen in almost any part of the business process. If you have not already identified IT as mission critical to your business, there is no time like the present time to recognize the paradigm shift in the world.

If you are interested, arrange an appointment with certified professionals.

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