2013 New Year’s Message from CEO

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This is my second annual letter as CEO of Vitizo. I am a bit nervous to reflect my predictions from last year and excited what 2013 may hold.

2012 was a semi-chaotic year. USA and Southern Europe’s economic turmoil continued as predicted from last year. There were horrible natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy and Typhoon Bopla. Apple’s iOS 6 maps were an epic fail. There was the rise of “foodies” across our social networks and our offline lives. And of course, the world almost ended.

But there is a silver lining to all of this. History shows us innovation peaks at times of economic crisis. With fewer resources, people and businesses have to get creative, sophisticated, and efficient with their solutions. Work smarter, not harder.

2013 seems much more exciting. Google will introduce its new analytics platform, Universal Analytics, which is already in beta version to some agencies (you can get early access if you are Vitizo’s client). Unlike Google Analytics, Universal Analytics will allow your business to focus on customers instead of visits and upload your offline data such as offline sales, phone calls, etc. And snap! Your business just got smarter! Keep your eye open for Universal Analytics.

My primary advice for your company last year was to go green either socially or environmentally. Although this advice still stands strong, my advise this year is for your company to go social! Now you might be thinking, “Wait. Facebook’s stock markets went down last year. So why are we still putting our cards on social?” Truth be told, majority of marketers do not know how to measure the value Facebook provides. Facebook allows businesses to own an audience though most companies simply rent traffic. Here is a hint: it is not about the likes! Social media is for conversation and sharing.

Social media will help search rankings. Add social signals for your visitors to share, like, pin or tweet your website content. Direct them to your social accounts. Maintain a blog. Links will not be replaced by social signals but it multiplies exposure in a way that links cannot provide. Hint: there are really good reasons for your business to use G+.

As your business goes into 2013, think about what value can you provide to your social audience. Also think about how you can work smarter, not harder. If you are not using analytics in your business decisions, it is about time that you catch up or else get left behind.

I would love to hear from you. What do you predict for business growth in 2013?

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