Vitizo attends Google Business Group Dhaka’s 3rd event in Dhaka, Bangladesh

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“Connect, Inform, Inspire”  – GBG gathers industry leaders and inspires entrepreneurs to lead Bangladesh’s technology to the next stage and compete with the world.

On September 29, Vitizo CIO Moinur Hussain Chowdhury and I were delighted to attend Google Business Group’s (GBG) 3rd event as we meet new professionals and hear their stories in every GBG event.

The event started off with Cal Jahan from TEDxDhaka with “Lessons from Google’s Power Search Course”.

It was a great initiative from TEDxDhaka to educate students on Google services. I believe they are soon coming with an online solution manual for English medium students. And it looked very promising when I noticed they will provide the study materials and the solution of the problems as for students.

Followed by that TEDxDhaka, “Monetizing with AdSense Case Study” was presented by DevsTeam’s CCO. He surprised the crowd by stating someone from Bangladesh is making almost $2000 monthly from Google AdSense. This is very interesting and inspiring information for the country’s IT folks! I believe this number definitely gave hope for freelancers within the audience.

Next, GBG manager Nash Islam came up with the future ideas and events coming up from GBG. He announced that a Google representative will present at the next GBG event on Nov 7. Looks it’ll be a big day.

Right after Nash’s speech it was the time for “lightening round”.

Including Vitizo, seven people presented their companies in 2 minutes window. It was fun pitching Vitizo in those 2 minutes and sending the audience our desired message.

Being the social media expert, I directly highlighted the points on what Bangladeshi companies are doing wrong on Facebook and other social platforms. I presented the Facebook marketing measurement model created by Avinash Kaushik and pointed out the key revolutionary points from his blog.

The idea from Zaakat Connect was outstanding, who are helping the community with online donations. Their case study of a rickshaw puller who doubled up his income by the help of this community was amazing.

Another company grabbed my attention is Maya, who are working for empowering women in Bangladesh.

Next event up was Q&A on E-Commerce in Bangladesh: Challenges, Solutions & Opportunities.
A Panel Discussion with Bangladesh Bank, A2i project & BASIS, led by the founder of BD Tech Social.

Very informative session and updates on Paypal and other online payment gateway helped us to understand the future of Ecommerce in Bangladesh. CEO was also shared his experiences with consumers in our country.

pizza It is righteous how GBG is doing by inspiring entrepreneurs and they are headed to the right target of their interest.

Last but not least the pizza was delicious.



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