Facebook Advertising in Bangladesh: Common Mistakes

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Facebook ads are a very powerful tool. There are so many options for marketers; it is a bit like flying the space shuttle for many of us. In Bangladesh digital marketing has reached to a new era and its time when we think about the common mistakes in Facebook Advertising in Bangladesh. We just don’t quite know what we are doing yet. For many Facebook marketers we have to learn how to create good Facebook ads by creating a few bad Facebook ads first.

But there are plenty of best practices and lessons to take note of to help improve that learning curve a bit. Make sure your business is not falling victim to these very common Facebook ad mistakes.

When you create an ad on Facebook, what are the most important features? Here we go through the three elements an ad consists of – 1) image, 2) title, and 3) body text – and provide a best practice for Facebook ad creation.

1. Image – Most Important

When you talk to advertisers about what is most important when creating Facebook ads, everybody says the same thing: the image is what make or break an ad. The image draws the eye to the ad. You will have a hard time attracting clicks without a great attention grabber.

So when you create and design ads for Facebook, make sure you put effort into choosing images! This will have a huge impact on the end result. In many cases it decides whether or not the ad become successful at all. And I get this a lot why your ad does not get approved? It’s because you are using more than 20% texts in your image which Facebook does not allow.

Facebook Ad Images – Size and Color

First of all there are some technical specifications you need to have in mind. These are the rules set by Facebook:

  • The image can’t be larger than 110 x 80 pixels
  • The image has a 4:3 (or 16:9) ratio
  • The image can’t be larger than 5 kilobytes.

If you don’t follow these rules and choose an image that doesn’t comply with Facebook image standards, the software will resize the image and chances are it will come out strange.

2. Captivating Ad Title

The second most important factor to consider when you try to create effective Facebook ads is the title.

You only have 25 characters to explain why people should click on your ad! More importantly, you need to tell them why they should follow your instruction when they reach their destination whether it’s liking your fan page or making a purchase in your web shop.

3. Facebook Ad Body Text

Because I have said image and ad title are very important, it does not mean body text is any less important. In some cases you need the 90-character piece of text to explain why a Facebook user should click your ad. Use that space wisely and try to include any added value of your product.

This could also be the place where you give an introduction of who you are, what the brand name is, where you’re located and so on.

However, if you don’t feel you don’t have to use all 90 characters to get your message through, then don’t. Some advertisers always try to fill the field but if your story is perfect after 60, stop there. Be informative.

We notice everyday good amount of Facebook advertising is going on in Bangladesh. A lot of these ads could go right to perfect –
As you go through the case study fun of these ads, remember these observations are personal opinion from an expert’s perspective and feel free to share your ideas with me.

Few Ads case study:


1.With this kind of headlines for your ads I doubt where are you reaching. I even doubt how it passed through Facebook ads reviewers. You ads first work is on your headline, which is clearly not mentioning anything here.



2. Looks like giants in our telecom business Airtel Bangladesh named as “Airtel Buzz” is really struggling to put up quality ads. I am sorry to mention this but this is another perfect example of bad Facebook ads. The Body context of this ad is totally messed up. What did they try to mention with saying “hangout with Bappi bhai from @18? “ Not to mention the guy is really on the right? The ad copy is not even finished by sending a complete message. Very misleading ad by Airtel Buzz. I believe they are lost with the definition of sponsored ad to targeted ads.



3. Another from Airtel Buzz which is missing the complete advertisement sentence which they wanted to spread. Poor work on ad body.



4. Nando’s Bangladesh also doing wrong in their body context as it is not well finished. About their picture selection I always suggest do not use your flyer picture for your facebook ads! Whole picture is pressed and I cannot read your message on your picture! Even your food item is not clearly visible. Nando’s could do much better with a better graphical work. Poor work on the image for attracting clicks and make them convert.


5. Robi has some brilliant videos running as their ad campaign. Wall post content should not be used for ad copy. Body content of this Robi ad could be precise and deliver their intended right message, but they chose body content from a long paragraph. As result, the content is cut! And remember users who did not subscribed to Bangla font do not see the Bangla text in your ad copy. Also the thumbnail version for the video is does not grab people’s attention.


6. Yes Nokia Bangladesh Who you are?? Double-check and review your ads your picture that you are uploading for your Facebook campaign. When your picture does not load on users window does it really servers your advertising goal? But the ad copy is really confusing me with the question at the very end given that the answer is given on top.


7. Use your ads body content precisely. This is where I think Bangladeshi companies are lacking a lot. Don’t we always struggle to deliver things straight?


8. Funny ad from Durex Bangladesh but remembers who you are targeting to deliver the right message. This screen shot is taken from a 16 year olds facebook profile. A focus should be given when you are targeting your ads age limits. Also using emoticons text (:P) version on a ads headline? Not a good practice I must say.


9. There is little visibility of the product so how can people identify what you are selling? Cellbazaar.com has most of their ads running with very poor pictures. The focus is mostly on human pictures instead of products. I think they have forgotten to differentiate between tradiational media and online media marketing. You have a scope of being precise with your ads online and to do that you need an appealing picture, not just casual shots here and there.


10. Otobi Furniture has the ad running for a while now. It is hard to tell what type of furniture is in the picture. The biggest problem was once I clicked on the ad, it directed me to their Facebook wall where I could not find the right furniture info.

This is my first post of many more regarding “Effective Facebooking” for your business. If you want to learn more about the series stay tuned with us.

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