Conversion Optimization

Pay Attention to Your Customer’s Experience

Of the 100% paid and organic web traffic generated, only 2-3% on average convert. What will you do with your 98%?

Gain competitive edge

If your competitors aren’t already optimizing their website conversions, they will be soon. There is an astronomic advantage for your business to be ahead rather than catching up. Once you are ahead, your profits increase; if you’re always playing catch-up, profits decrease.

Increase your bottom line without additional traffic

  • Stop wasting ad money by bringing more strangers to your website. Convert the strangers you have right now into your customers.
  • Value the people who come to your site now and focus on quality of visitors’ experience
  • Always remember, there are real people coming to your site. Treat them with the respect and intelligence they deserve
  • Measure your ROI and CPGA to make more money and lengthen your customer lifetime
  • 15% change in conversion rate can mean the difference between making a profit and suffering a loss

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analytics reports

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Eliminate guesswork with experimentation and testing

Use content experiment test results to see which versions of pages increase visitor interactions, i.e. direct x percentage of visitors to a control page and the remaining people to an experimental page. Then watch the results come in!

  • A/B (split) testing to measure usability of control and experimental pages
  • Page variables created with tested methodologies and web development expertise
  • Receive daily and weekly experiment reports

Questions You May Have in Mind

  • What is a conversion?Open or Close

    A successful execution of any specific activity that you want your website visitors to perform is a conversion.

    Commonly used conversions include:

    • Sell a product or service
    • Download a white paper
    • Fill up a lead form
    • Tweet a blog post

    Conversion rate optimization allows you to increase the chances of getting the maximum rate of visitors to convert given current opportunities.

    The conversion rate is your website’s success measurement parameter.

    Optimizing your landing page increases opportunities for an anonymous web visitor to become a lead, a customer, or promote for your company.

  • Why is conversion rate optimization so important for positive business performance?Open or Close

    Conversion rate is the best indicator to measure success of business goals and objectives for any particular vertical. Focusing on optimizing your conversion rate will guarantee to bring your business one step up the ladder of business success.

    The following major areas plays a supportive role in the process of conversion optimization:

    1 Eliminate Guesswork and Provide Great Customer Experience
    Stop guessing which layout and elements will look nice on the business website. The website is meant for the businesses’ web users. Get the visitors to tell you what they like and what they don’t like on the landing page via visitor interactions. Continuous testing brings you closer to finding the exact path to seamless usability for your web visitors. Improvements to user experience will persuade users to happily convert.

    2Improve Marketing Results
    The ultimate goal of your business is to maximize results, right? That may mean higher profits, more leads, or rising new subscribers. So it is important to make improvements to your communication with the target audience. No matter how people find you – whether organic search, ppc, a newsletter, or a popular tweet – they are all searching for the same thing. They want answers to a problem, and you want to prove to them you have their solutions.

    3Gain Competitive Edge
    Your competitors are working hard offline and online to optimize their marketing efforts just like you. If you are in a crowded industry, you need to take advantage of every opportunity you can avail just to stay in the game. The latest Internet marketing techniques can give competitive edge to any new or existing businesses that leverage them. Conversion optimization can give you the opportunity to adapt and grow faster than competing companies in your market. Conversion optimization gives you a significant advantage over your competitors’ efforts.

    4Increase ROI
    Significantly increase your return over your investment by increasing your conversion rate. It does not matter how much money you spend to bring traffic into your website. What matters is the conversion return you are getting from your traffic acquisition investment. By continuously improving user experience, more visitors will convert on your website which will bring more leads and more customers.

    5Reduce CPA
    It is not only about how many people you can get into your website. It is about how many people have done the desired action that you expect them to do. Even if your business focus is only on the cost of traffic, it is more important to consider the cost of acquisition to take more value out of it. By continuously improving user experience and conversion optimization, you can significantly reduce your CPA (Cost Per Acquisition).

  • Why Experiments and Testing are Important? What are the testing methods?Open or Close

    Great experiences aren’t accidental. Testing is all about identifying the motivations of visitor behaviour.
    It is very important to perform continuous testing on your website to uncover optimum user experience. Experiments lead visitors to point out the desirable formulation of web structure which ultimately increases the conversion rate against specific business objective.

    A/B testing & Multivariate testing:
    A/B testing – also called split testing – is a way to test different versions of the same webpage against the current design and determine which webpage produces better results. With A/B testing, we can determine which web page version produces a better conversion rate. Some simple elements to test are font colour, buttons, placement of product images and call to actions. Making the proper planning, measurement and analysis can significantly increase your conversions.

    Multivariate Testing is a way to test multiple variables on your website simultaneously. MT works well if you have specific sections on your webpage which you like to optimize. Multivariate testing involves experimenting with multiple variables simultaneously by identifying those variables and evaluating different combinations to produce the best results. For example, you can try two different headlines, three different images, and two different product descriptions. It is recommended to use Multivariate Testing with high traffic.

  • Are all your visitors Similar?Open or Close

    Every visitor to your website is unique. It is always advisable to segment your customer according to their buying cycle, needs, requirements and promptness in decision making ability.

    The following are some of the persona of website visitors for you to consider while doing conversion planning:

    a) Competitive: They are Logical, Fast-Paced and Power-Oriented.
    These visitors want accomplishment and desire to be in control. They tend to make quick decisions and are highly goal-oriented.

    b) Spontaneous: They are Emotional, Fast-Paced and Activity-Oriented.
    These visitors want action. They prefer things that are non-threatening and friendly, and are quick to make a decision if things feel right.

    c) Humanistic: They are Emotional, Slow-Paced and Relation-Oriented.
    These visitors are people-centered and tend to focus on relationships. They want to know how your product or service has helped others in the past. Reviews and testimonials are important factor in their decision making.

    d) Methodical: They are Logical, Slow-Paced and Detail-Oriented.
    They want to know exactly how your product or solution will help solve their problem. They will look for product specifications, comparative studies etc.

  • What are the importance of Creating Conversion Structure?Open or Close

    Most of the companies overlook the importance of persuasive landing pages as far as conversion optimization is concerned. Recent studies showed that 33% of the companies don’t test multiple landing pages in order to provide visitors a good user experience.

    Following are some of the important criteria to consider for creating persuasive and effective landing pages:

    • Usability
    • Persuasive
    • Navigability
    • Credibility
    • Relevance
    • Quality
    • Prominence
  • Why do you need to consider Building Momentum for your visitor?Open or Close

    Keep your users interested, trusting in you, and consistently moving through your site in order to eventually make them convert: this is the ultimate goal. You need to built a trust element in the visitor’s mind to be able to persuade them to convert on your website.

    Following are some of the credibility criteria:

    • Customer reviews, ratings
    • Point of action assurances
    • Leverage other people’s credibility
    • Testimonials
    • To show real human behind the website
  • Why Maintaining scent has significant impact on conversion rate?Open or Close

    Create a persuasive momentum throughout the website for visitors to convert on your website. “Scent” is the information trail your visitors are following when they come to your site. Mark that trail with consistent design and messaging that builds, invites, and guides, and they’ll follow it through your site all the way to checkout. According to Dr. Ed Chi, “Information scent is made of cues that people used to decide whether a path is interesting.” These cues consist of images, hyperlinks and bibliographic citation related to the information needed.

    Scent cues include:

    • Trigger words/offers
    • Graphics
    • Color
    • Shape
    • Location
  • What is Persuasive Architecture?Open or Close

    Persuasion Architecture is simply mapping of your sales process with your visitor’s purchasing process. It’s utmost important to speak in the language of your customers to attract customers, entice them with your offer, get the sale and keep them happy – that is what we call AIDAS model.

    Before creating the architecture of the page we need to understand the buying phase of the visitor. All visitors are not same; so, they are not in the same buying cycle. Like customers, leads also have a “buying cycle” as they seek to address their needs and requirements. So, the information requirement is different for people who are in a different buying phase. For example, information needed by a person in the closure phase of the buying cycle must be much more specific (brand, reviews etc) compared to the person earlier in the buying phase (short tail requirement).

  • How Voice of the Customer help you increase conversion rate?Open or Close

    Did you use voice of customer in your website by documenting testimonials of clients, recommendations etc.? Let the customer sing the song for you rather than you do it by yourselves. Voice of the Customer (VOC) is a term used to describe customer’s feedback about their experiences on your website and expectations of products offered. This is a great way to engage clients with your business which eventually helps building confidence on your business.

  • What is Heat map analysis?Open or Close

    Heatmap analysis is an easy way to understand the focus points (what components stand out) of your website. It also helps to understand the users activity on your site.

  • What is Clickstream Analysis?Open or Close

    Clickstream analysis is tracking the click of your visitors on the page, whether it’s links, images, text or whitespace. It helps to identify the obstructions in your conversion funnels by seeing links, call to action & images aren’t getting enough clicks.

  • How Vitizo can help you to increase conversion rate?Open or Close

    Conversions are the ultimate goal of your website and it really determines the success of online business objectives and goals. Success doesn’t lie on just one factor. Rather it’s a combination of all aspects of web elements which holistically improve the conversion rate against business objective. Vitizo specializes and accumulates all the necessary knowledge domain under the umbrella of conversion and provides clients an effective formula for sustainable business growth and increasing ROI.