Choosing Our Clients

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Vitizo is for businesses who understand IT is mission critical to succeed.

Why our clients love Vitizo

Learn about Vitizo’s story

People first enter our doors with a simple idea and walk out with big ideas that they did not think were at their reach. Our consultants take the time to explain to our clients the power of Vitizo’s services for their business success. Our clients are impressed by our experts’ dedication to drive results for their business and our passion for their business success. Vitizo provides cost-effective solutions that drive traffic, increase conversions, and allow seamless management across all devices. We empower our clients to take advantage of data democratization in order to make confident decisions. Vitizo’s experts add value and enable our clients to focus on the core of their business.

Clients who turn us off


At Vitizo, we prefer not to work with clients who provide more obstacles than solid decisions. Sometimes we meet great people, but their characteristics hinder our working relationship. There are times when we have gut feelings or first impressions that give us warning signals:

    • Free samples: You wouldn’t ask a dentist for treatment and then decide to pay her depending on whether you like the treatment or not. Yes, it is important for clients to see samples, but that is why we have portfolios.
    • Ms. Unavailable: Because of the nature of our work, it is vital that we have frequent communication with our clients. We have questions and this client has trouble returning e-mails or phone calls. Days, maybe even weeks, pass. There is still no answer from Ms. Unavailable.
    • Mr. Dishonest: Secret budget and gives misrepresentations.

Clients who turn us on


At Vitizo, customer satisfaction and business success are very important to us. We love clients who are able to take timely decisions, make a commitment to learn and understand the value of the work provided. Here are a few characteristics of great clients:

    • Clear communication: Good clients maintain communication with our experts and are eager to stay in touch with the progress of the work. We love excited and eager clients!
    • Committed to Quality: Vitizo experts take pride in their work and strive to produce results beyond your expectations. Good clients understand that short-cuts jeopardize quality.
    • Seeks ongoing relationship: Many of our services require constant optimization and revitalization to keep growing our clients’ revenue. We love clients who envision to combine many of Vitizo’s services for optimal business success.